Watercolour Challenge: Techniques in Practice: The Complete Masterclass

Readers are shown how use their existing knowledge of painting with watercolours to master a wider range of techniques and effects. The book is packed with practical advice on how to create the most beautiful paintings of objects, landscapes and textures. There are also tips on how to paint light, rain, skies, shadows, flowers, birds and trees. As further support, the Watercolour Challenge experts offer guidance on such matters as composition, brushwork and preliminary sketches. There will also be an in-depth section looking at the best ways to mix colours, using not only the basic primary colours as a base but also violets, oranges, browns and greens. The book also includes specially devised step-by-step projects that demonstrate how to put individual techniques, such as wet washes and graded washes, into practice to create a multitude of landscapes, seascapes and townscapes. Each project is illustrated from start to finish with step-by-step instructions on how to paint various scenes, seasons and environments.

Watercolour Challenge: Techniques in Practice: The Complete Masterclass

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