Painting With David Shepherd

David Shepherd, OBE, is a household name -- famous not only for his wildlife paintings of elephants and lions, but also because of his work as a conservationist. David has published many books, but all have been coffee-table or autobiographical books -- never before has he been prepared to share the secrets and techniques of his painting. This is not only a step-by-step demonstration but a unique insight into his painting experiences. In addition to his famous wildlife works, he also talks about some of his other paintings of landscapes, buildings, trains, interiors and figures. Painting with David Shepherd is a rare chance to join this highly acclaimed author on an exciting artistic safari and learn how, through his sensitivity to the nature and essence of his subjects, David has been marked out as a painter of outstanding talent. Contents include: Materials and Techniques David's Sketchbook Painting Wildlife Step-by-step demonstration: Elephant Step-by-step demonstration: Tiger Painting Landscape Step-by-step demonstration: Elm Tree Trains, boats and planes A Sense of History Portraiture Gallery Conservation Work

Painting With David Shepherd

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