Ashley Jackson - Painting in the Open Air

In 'Painting in open air' Ashley Jackson shows how to paint watercolours that are full of atmosphere and reflect the beauty and character of the landscape. Aimed primarily at beginners, it will a;so be of value to more advanced painters.

Ashley Jackson's approach to teaching art is refreshing straightforward and down-to-earth. All times he endeavors to explain painting processes and techniques in plain, simple terms. There are numerous painting exercises in this book, as well as specially produced step-by-step demonstrations, all designed to build up reader's confidence.

Ashley Jackson's infectious enthusiasm for painting outdoors comes across strongly as he stresses the importance of really getting to know your landscape before attempting to paint it. He exhorts students to go out into the countryside in all weathers, and to train their senses to experience it to the full: touch and feel the shapes and textures of the earth, to smell the air and to listen to the sounds of the landscape. Ashley believes that only when artists have immersed themselves in the landscape in this way will they be able to capture it's true character in a painting.

'Painting in open air' is beautifully illustrated all throughout and concludes with a gallery of Ashley Jackson's evocative landscape paintings in watercolour. These will provide for a rich source off inspiration for all those who enjoy painting outdoors.

Ashley Jackson - Painting in the Open Air

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