Bert N. Petri - The Complete Guide To Painting Water

From Puddles to Oceans ... every painter's guide to capturing the magic of water! Years of studying, painting and sailing on water have given Bert Petri an intimate understanding of this celebrated subject. In this book, he shares everything you need to know to paint enchanting yet realistic water scenes - from tranquil reflections to tumultuous white water, from a single dewdrop to the high drama of the open sea. 24 step-by-step demonstrations cover a wide variety of seasons and settings, including ponds, puddles, streams, rivers, lakes, oceans, waterfalls, even fountains and water in still life. Includes instruction on how to paint elements common to waterscapes, such as rocks, shorelines, bridges and boats. Features instruction and inspiring artwork in oils, acrylics and watercolor. This book teaches techniques for painting based on the nature of water itself (how it reflects and refracts light, how it moves, how waves are born and more), making it a comprehensive and valuable reference for artists working in any style or medium.

Bert N. Petri - The Complete Guide To Painting Water

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    Bert N Petri

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    North Light Books

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